Top 4 reasons to do stand up paddle board this Summer

Top 4 reasons to do stand up paddle board this Summer

Top 4 reasons to do stand up paddle board this Summer

Paddle board is a good exercise for your health and here is an article to read more about that (8 Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding).
But during summer when you want to have Fun and Party, paddle boarding is even better to practice to keep a balance between the Fun and your Fitness exercises.


1. A paddle board can be inflatable!

Nowadays inflatable paddle board are of such good quality that they are better than most hard sup paddleboard (read Why buy an inflatable paddle board over a traditional hard paddleboard ?). So when you go to your vacation it’s so easy to get some space for your inflatable sup and its bag.
Inflatable stand up paddle board can easily be deflated and rolled up small enough to put in your trunk or the backseat of your car and they are very light. So no space needed and no weight are 2 reasons to get your inflatable paddleboard with you. And once you arrive at the beach or by the lake you will be so pleased to be able to enjoy a good ride on your stand up paddle board.


2. A paddle board session can make you burn more calories than a gym session

When paddle boarding, the intensity of your practice is up to you. You can paddle board slowly and enjoy the view around you. Or you can paddleboard in a race manner and then it becomes very intense. Or you can alternate your rhythm of paddle boarding. You can even do some paddle board yoga.
So either you paddle boarding san diego, miami or austin the session is up to you and can turn up the intensity at will or the relaxation mode!


3. Share your paddle board

What is nice about stand up paddle board is that it can be a solo activity or a shared one (read Why is paddle boarding so popular ?). You can go paddle boarding with your children, with your friends or even your dog. And whether you paddleboard on the ocean or on a lake, being with other people is always fun.
That’s the beauty of paddle board, it is multi facet in its practice which make it the perfect activity for the summer.



4. You can sleep on your paddleboard

What’s nice about your sup board is that if you don’t want to practice you can still use it to sleep on it! Indeed imagine yourself on the ocean or in the middle of the lake and having a “nap” on your board. How relaxing and resting do you think it’s going to be ? Being surrounded by water and silence is simply “WOW” so get your inflatable paddle board right now !


Why is paddle boarding so popular ?

Why is paddle boarding so popular ?

Why is paddle boarding so popular ?

There isn’t one reason to explain the popularity of stand up paddle board and its exponential growth over the last decade, there are MANY reasons.
There are so many ways to paddleboard ! You can paddle surfing, river paddle boarding, lake paddle board, fishing paddle board, stand up paddle board yoga, paddling with your dog, etc… All types of paddle boarding share the same core concepts.

– No Surf Required
The majority of the US States aren’t located near the ocean with great surf conditions. The New Generation of Inflatable Paddle Board allows the lifestyle of stand up paddle boarding to be brought ANYWHERE and to ANY TYPE OF WATER.
Whether you are interested in lake paddle boarding, a reservoir in Wisconsin, or a scenic river in Colorado, your inflatable paddle board can be enjoyed everywhere!

– Very Easy to Learn
New people that come to the stand up paddle board are typically surprised to learn that they don’t require any lessons! Paddle boarding can be learned with a little practice. Simply start on your knees in shallow water and work your way up to your feet and that’s it you can stand up paddle board.

– Fun For All Ages and All Athletic Abilities
With a little practice, stand up paddle board is a sport that can truly be enjoyed by any age or athletic abilities. The new stand up inflatable paddle board are designed with versatility in mind.


The question is : When do you start to paddle boarding ?



The Different Types of Paddle Boards

The Different Types of Paddle Boards

The Different Types of Paddle Boards

Choosing your first paddle board can be a difficult and frustrating process. That’s why we are going to give you the most honest and unbiased information on how to buy your paddle board.  


How To Choose a Paddle Board

The MOST important question to ask before buying a paddleboard is – what type of water will you be using your Stand up paddle board in most ?
Said another way, what will be your home water field ?
For instance, if you live in New York State and plan on paddle boarding in Lake Georges mostly on the calm water but also want to do some paddle boarding Miami then you should choose a sup board that will perform best on your mostly flat inland home water.
One of the beauties of paddle boarding is that you don’t need waves or surf to learn, but you can always progress into the more difficult disciplines of the sport once you learn the basics.

Based on your answer to the question above you can efficiently narrow down the paddle board universe by type of board (shape), board size, and materials that best suit the waters you will be paddle boarding most.


What Style Paddle Board Should I Buy ?

Choosing the proper paddle board style primarily depends on your “home water” and what SUP discipline you plan to use most. If you are new to paddle boarding, or have some SUP experience and are looking for the most versatile paddle board that can truly go anywhere, you will likely want to focus on All Around Stand Up Paddle Boards, Touring SUPs, or Cruising PaddleBoards.
Although 3 different names are used to describe these paddle boards, one of the biggest differences between these sup boards is typically the shape of the front of the board (curve versus pointed front). All 3 of these SUP paddle board options are versatile but performance differences are created by different sizes, shapes, and designs.

All around Paddle Board

An all around Paddle Board is generally viewed as the most versatile of all SUP board. All around sups are typically around 9 to 11 feet long and 30 to 34” wide with round noses and a tri-fin setup. All around stand up paddle board are generally viewed as most practical for flat water touring and adventure needs but can also be used in small waves.

Hard Paddle Board versus Inflatable Paddle Board

Hard paddle board are typically made in fiberglass or carbon components are typically best suited for paddle boarders that will mostly be paddle surfing, paddle board racing, or long distance paddle adventure tours.
Inflatable paddle board can also be used for paddle surfing or racing, but they are typically thicker which means youride higher on the water. It also means that with an inflatable sup speed and surf will a little bit more difficult than with a hard paddle board. 

Touring and Cruising Paddle Board

Generally Touring Stand up paddle board are a little longer than All Around paddleboard. And Touring Paddle Board are typically constructed with a pointed nose which creates a displacement hull that cuts through water. 

Round Nose vs Pointed Nose Paddle Board

One very common question from new paddle boarders is what is the difference between round nose and pointed nose Stand up paddleboard ?
Round nose paddle board are the most popular shape on the market and round sup paddle board shapes are great for flat water touring and all around paddle board excursions.
Round nose paddleboard are also what you will typically see used in sup surfing boards. Touring, Cruising, and Hybrid paddle boards typically have pointed noses and one of the main advantages of a pointed nose is the front nose shape is similar to a boat and creates a displacement hull and is intended to “cut through” the water versus a round nose board that will “plow through” (all relative off course).


9 Stand UP Paddle Board Disciplines :
– Cruising, Exploring, Touring stand up paddle board
– Inflatable paddle board
– paddle board Yoga and Fitness
– paddle surfing
– Fishing paddle board
– sup Racing
– Whitewater and Fast Rivers sup boarding
– Down winding sup board
– Wake sup Surfing boards


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