How many calories does paddleboarding burn?

There are many different factors which affect how many calories you burn with paddle board fitness, including the intensity of the workout and how much time you spend on the water.

However, on average, an hour spent casual stand up paddle boarding can burn up to 430 calories – around twice the number of calories that you’d burn by going for a stroll.

Combine SUP with yoga and you could burn around 540 calories in an hour, or take up paddle board SUP racing and you could burn almost double this amount.

When you compare these figures to other sports, it becomes clear that a day spent doing SUP fitness and training can provide a much better workout than many other activities. Going for a run burns approximately 650 calories per hour, while spending an hour on your bike only uses up around 480 calories.

Why is paddle boarding so popular ?

Why is paddle boarding so popular ?

Why is paddle boarding so popular ?

There isn’t one reason to explain the popularity of stand up paddle board and its exponential growth over the last decade, there are MANY reasons.
There are so many ways to paddleboard ! You can paddle surfing, river paddle boarding, lake paddle board, fishing paddle board, stand up paddle board yoga, paddling with your dog, etc… All types of paddle boarding share the same core concepts.

– No Surf Required
The majority of the US States aren’t located near the ocean with great surf conditions. The New Generation of Inflatable Paddle Board allows the lifestyle of stand up paddle boarding to be brought ANYWHERE and to ANY TYPE OF WATER.
Whether you are interested in lake paddle boarding, a reservoir in Wisconsin, or a scenic river in Colorado, your inflatable paddle board can be enjoyed everywhere!

– Very Easy to Learn
New people that come to the stand up paddle board are typically surprised to learn that they don’t require any lessons! Paddle boarding can be learned with a little practice. Simply start on your knees in shallow water and work your way up to your feet and that’s it you can stand up paddle board.

– Fun For All Ages and All Athletic Abilities
With a little practice, stand up paddle board is a sport that can truly be enjoyed by any age or athletic abilities. The new stand up inflatable paddle board are designed with versatility in mind.


The question is : When do you start to paddle boarding ?



Inflatable paddle board

Inflatable paddle board

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