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Welcome to Everything4Vacation Affiliate Program that is absolutely UNIQUE in the online business of products.

Indeed, our affiliates are an important part of our mission that is to promote a better environment, to make people realize that they need to take care of the nature wherever they are and where ever they are going. And with you as an affiliate we are sure that you are interested in our mission.
By earning commission through our affiliate program you will be able to earn more money than other programs which will allow you to have more free time and to focus a little bit more on the conservation of the nature by promoting responsibility. But we will talk about later on.
Right now you want to know why our affiliate program is revolutionary !

1.Lifetime commission on your customers
Usually when you send a customer through an affiliate link, you get a commission on the product bought during the life of the cookie and that it. You don’t get any commission on the subsequent products the customer will buy.
We have decided to change that!
With our affiliate program, you will earn not only a commission on the product your customer bought following your affiliate link but also on all the products he/she might buy in the following months. Any customer you send us will be your customer too !
That’s the lifetime commission we offer, without limitation in time. Imagine the difference it will make on your income !
Example : your customer buy a product on day 1 and you get your commission. 6 months later the customer decide to buy another product without clicking any link you sent. Normally you would not get any commission. BUT with our lifetime commission program you will get a commission on this sale too!
With this innovative affiliate offer you will get the effect of the compound interest !! And you will see your affiliate revenue grow exponentially !!

2. Cookie length
The cookies length in our affiliate program is 90 days. Which means that once you sent an affiliate link and the recipient click it, you get the customer in any purchase made during the 90 days period.

3. Commission
We offer a commission rate of 10% of the any product price (after taxes and shipping cost of course) both the new customer and for the life time commission. And we have products that start at few dollars to over $600. So it will add up quickly !! (depending on your work of course – we can’t promise the amount of revenues you will earn, it could 0 dollar up to thousand of dollars).

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During this Coronavirus outbreak and quarantine measures that affect most of the world we are still in activity and our suppliers still ship worlwide (with FREE SHIPPING in the US).

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