What Size Paddle Board Do I need ?

What Size Paddle Board Do I need ?

What Size Paddle Board Do I need ?

Paddle Board dimensions are a very important factor in determining the “feel” of your SUP.
For simplicity purposes, the larger a paddle board’s volume is, the easier it will be for a beginner to balance on the sup.
However, larger inflatable paddle board can also become slightly more difficult to navigate, so new paddle boarders should focus on finding the right size SUP or the most versatile SUP to best suit the needs of multiple people.

Paddle Board Length

All Around paddle boards typically have lengths from 9 to 11 feet and Touring Cruising Paddle Board are typically a little longer with lengths ranging from 10 to 12 feet.
Typically long and thin stand up paddle board are used to increase speed and touring and cruising boards are designed with speed on flat waters in mind.
The All Around paddleboard designed is the most versatile SUP design and is designed to have quality speed performance but also versatility for small waves or chop.


Paddle Board Width

All Around, Touring, and Cruising sup paddle board typically come with widths anywhere from 28’’ to 34’’. Most paddle boarders will have little trouble navigating a board with a width in this range, but as you become more familiar with sups paddle boards you may find that widths above 34’’ can start to “spin” in open waters and become more difficult to control.


Paddle Board Thickness and Volume

The thicker the inflatable sup the higher above the water you will be and the more “feel” you will encounter.
Since hard paddle board typically ride lower in the water than inflatable paddle board which need the thickness to provide durability.




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