Top 4 reasons to do stand up paddle board this Summer

Paddle board is a good exercise for your health and here is an article to read more about that (8 Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding).
But during summer when you want to have Fun and Party, paddle boarding is even better to practice to keep a balance between the Fun and your Fitness exercises.


1. A paddle board can be inflatable!

Nowadays inflatable paddle board are of such good quality that they are better than most hard sup paddleboard (read Why buy an inflatable paddle board over a traditional hard paddleboard ?). So when you go to your vacation it’s so easy to get some space for your inflatable sup and its bag.
Inflatable stand up paddle board can easily be deflated and rolled up small enough to put in your trunk or the backseat of your car and they are very light. So no space needed and no weight are 2 reasons to get your inflatable paddleboard with you. And once you arrive at the beach or by the lake you will be so pleased to be able to enjoy a good ride on your stand up paddle board.


2. A paddle board session can make you burn more calories than a gym session

When paddle boarding, the intensity of your practice is up to you. You can paddle board slowly and enjoy the view around you. Or you can paddleboard in a race manner and then it becomes very intense. Or you can alternate your rhythm of paddle boarding. You can even do some paddle board yoga.
So either you paddle boarding san diego, miami or austin the session is up to you and can turn up the intensity at will or the relaxation mode!


3. Share your paddle board

What is nice about stand up paddle board is that it can be a solo activity or a shared one (read Why is paddle boarding so popular ?). You can go paddle boarding with your children, with your friends or even your dog. And whether you paddleboard on the ocean or on a lake, being with other people is always fun.
That’s the beauty of paddle board, it is multi facet in its practice which make it the perfect activity for the summer.



4. You can sleep on your paddleboard

What’s nice about your sup board is that if you don’t want to practice you can still use it to sleep on it! Indeed imagine yourself on the ocean or in the middle of the lake and having a “nap” on your board. How relaxing and resting do you think it’s going to be ? Being surrounded by water and silence is simply “WOW” so get your inflatable paddle board right now !



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