The Coronavirus covid-19 is a virus that appeared in late 2019 and is way more contagious than the flu. The coronavirus is not only more contagious than the flu but also more deadly.
People who already have an illness or any kind of conditions are at a HIGH risk of death if they get the coronavirus. And elderly people are also a high risk category.

So we recommend if you are pregnant, older than 50, have an illness, you ASBOLUTELY must wear a face mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus covid-19.

Here ARE our Coronavirus Guide to Travel and Stay SAFE :

– You should wear a Face mask in public and even more so before entering a train station, subway or airport
– Wear disposable gloves in te subway, train or airplane
– Wash your hands with soap at every opportunity
– Use a Hand sanitizer when in public
– If on a plane or a train, when you get to your seat, disinfect the surface saround you a with wipes.
– Turn off air blower, fan or Air Condition (thses systems helps spread the germs).
– If you have to go to the bathroom, bring wipes and Lysol and repeat disinfectant steps.

As you read it’s quite simple to stay SAFE fromthe Coronavirus> You just have to wear a face mask, disposable gloves and use hand sanitizer regularly.

For more information about the Coronavirus,go visit the CDC website here.

Also before traveling ask your favorite Travel agent about the situation in you destination.

And keep informed by reading your local newspaper.



Face Mask, Disposable Gloves and Hand Sanitizer


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